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 1967 Shelby G.T. 500 Convertible


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While researching the 1967 Shelby GT convertible, it became evident that 0139 shared many similarities with two other cars (0100 & 0131) ordered from Ford between August 8-10, 1966.

After compiling and comparing the Shelby American Production Orders, Vehicle Order Images, Marti Reports, and Ford's Domestic Special Order (DSO) forms, we now know that these three cars were the first 'regular production' Mustangs built with 428-8v engines.

Research has taught us that these three cars weren't just similar -- they were, in fact, ordered identically (except for the body style).  The fastback was completed first, followed by the Coupe and then the Convertible. 

All three were almost re-assigned to the Metuchen assembly plant, evidently due to some problem with combining the 428-FE and A/C at the the San Jose plant. We're researching this new information now and hope to have more answers in the future.

Ford Motor Company Information Coupe Fastback Convertible
DSO Item (Shelby Purchase Order) 3000 3001 3002
DSO Number 1 2504 2511 2512
Model (Serial) Body Style 65 (01)
63 (02)
76 (03)
'Package' Originally Ordered 2 413H 413F 413C
'Package' Delivered 3 413H 411F 413C
Engine 4 8-Cylinder "Ford Cobra"
428 cu.in. with  8v (2 x 4bbl) Carburetion
Transmission C-6 Automatic - Special Calibration and
GTA Shift Pattern with "Lockout" Quadrant
(Customer Supplied)
Core Options Air Conditioning, Exhaust Emission 3
Other Options Power Steering, Power Front Disc Brakes, Courtesy Light Group, AM Radio, Interior Décor Group, Tinted Glass, Deluxe Seat Belts
Fold Down Rear Seat - Coupe & Fastback Only
Wheels & Tires 5 15" Kelsey-Hayes Magstar / Goodyear Bias-Ply Tires
(Customer Supplied)
Rear Axle Ratio 5  3.25:1
Paint Color  Red
Interior Black Décor (Deluxe)
Assembly Plant

San Jose, California

DSO - Date Typed Aug. 10, 1966 Aug. 10, 1966 Aug. 09, 1966
DSO - Date Approved Aug. 10, 1966 Aug. 11, 1966 Aug. 11, 1966
DSO - [Received] Stamp Aug. 15, 1966 Aug. 12, 1966 Aug. 12, 1966
Data-Entry to Ford Computer Sys. Aug. 16, 1966 Aug. 15, 1966 Aug. 16, 1966
Serialized Nov. 02, 1966 Nov. 01, 1966 Nov. 01, 1966
Scheduled for Build Nov. 14, 1966 Nov. 25, 1966 Nov. 14, 1966
Actually Built Nov. 08, 1966 Nov. 07, 1966 Nov. 21, 1966
Released Nov. 10, 1966 Nov. 08, 1966 Nov. 25, 1966
Invoice Date Nov. 10, 1966 Nov. 09, 1966 Nov. 19, 1966
Ford Serial Number (VIN) 7R01S133xxx 7R02S132xxx 7R03S133xxx
Shelby American Information Coupe Fastback Convertible
Production Order "Received" Date ? Nov. 10, 1966 Dec. 07, 1966
Designation on Production Order Engineering Proto Co. Car -
PR Service
Co Car  -
Eng.  Proto
Options (per Shelby VIN) 3 A/C A/C A/C + Smog
Cost from FoMoCo (Mar.31, 1967) $2,711.12 $2,861.99 $2,645.11
Assigned Value (Jul.31, 1967) $3,318.84 $4,207.83 $4,249.76
Cost-to-Value Delta 18.3% 31.9% 37.8%
Shelby American Serial (VIN) 3 67411H9A00131 67411F9--0100 67413C9A00139
California Inventory Number 061 100 062
Ionia Inventory Number 67ST103 67ST109 ?
Disposition Notes "remain in CA" "disposal" "disposal"
Actual Disposition / Status Two found! Could all three cars still survive today?

The fourth G.T. 500 built by San Jose was a 4-speed Fastback:

  • 67400F7A00171, Lime Gold, DSO 2528, built on Nov-30, 1966, released on Dec-03

Since there were multiple G.T. 500 cars built by San Jose the next day, it is impossible to determine which one was 5th, 6th, 7th, ... or 11th.  The seven G.T. 500  cars built on December 1, 1966 include: 0164, 0167, 0173, 0180, 0182, 0183 and 0185. 


1. Other than DSO 2505 for one hundred G.T. 350 cars, the rest of the pre-production orders, placed Aug. 8-10, 1966, including 2504, 2511 & 2512 were dedicated to one car each. The coupe has the lowest item number; the convertible's DSO form was typed first; the fastback was serialized and finished first.

2. Shelby created "Package Codes" to designate the primary options of the cars they were ordering from Ford. For example, a "200F" package would be a GT350 4-speed fastback; a 411F would be a GT500 automatic fastback with AC. Shelby invested the effort to create 48 different package codes (16 for fastbacks, 16 for coupes and 16 for convertibles), further evidencing their intention to offer more than one body style for '67.

3. Ford records (DSO and Marti Report) indicate that all three cars (0100, 0131, 0139) were originally ordered with the Exhaust Emissions system. A FoMoCo Change Notice, dated Aug.10, 1966, was issued to delete the exhaust emissions system from DSO 2511 (0100 - the Fastback). This deletion is also confirmed by the Shelby VIN for 0100. The Shelby VIN for 0131 (the Coupe) indicates no emissions system, however, the Ford record confirmes the car was built with Exhaust Emissions and furthermore, vintage photos seem to show the remnants of an emissions system in 0131's engine bay.

4. Motor Code: 1967 Shelby big blocks were coded with an "S" in their Ford VIN which would normally denote a 390cid FE-series big block, however, these cars left the factory with a Q-code 428cid 8v (dual quad) FE-series "Interceptor" power plant. This information was verified both by the DSO and by the 1967 Shelby Registrar, Dave Mathews.

5. Rear axle ratio, wheels/tires (and engine code as mentioned above) are some of the options that are not accurately represented in the Ford computer record as compared to the way the car actually ordered (per the DSO).

6. Actual 'hidden' Ford VINs have not been published, however, we can confirm that the sequence in which the Ford serials numbers were assigned to these cars was 1) Fastback, 2) Convertible and 3) Coupe.

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