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 1967 Shelby G.T. 500 Convertible


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Home Factory Paperwork Vehicle Fixed Assets Ledger
Document: Vehicle Fixed Assets
Source: Shelby American, Inc.
Date: July 31, 1967

This five-page document would have been part of the last accounting records of Shelby American, Inc. The date of this document places it's creation after Ford's acquisition of the company. The document included three pages from the Automotive division, one page from the parts division and one page from the Racing division.

A mere three weeks after the this document was created, all assets of the company and a small staff were sent to Ionia to form the Shelby Automotive Company (SAC) and help to transition the '68 production to the A.O. Smith Plastics company.

1967 Company Cars (Ford Fixed Assets)


The latest updates to this research can be found here: 1967 Company Cars Table.

Note: Based on the assigned value, #0139, the only convertible, would be the most expensive 1967 G.T. 500 company car. Car #0003, a G.T. 350, is the most expensive G.T. company car overall.


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