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 1967 Shelby G.T. 500 Convertible


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Home Restoration & Project Team

Before removing the first bolt, a "dream team" of experts and enthusiasts was assembled to be a part of this historical project. The team began the extensive research phase of this project and the physical restoration commenced in February 2010 and initially completed in late 2011.

With even more information discovered over the next four years, Jason Billups was to commissioned to re-restore 0139 to Concours standards. In the spirit of the  never-ending pursuit of perfection, 0139 was completed by Billups Classic Cars in October 2014.

Researching this very special car's history will likely never end -- In fact,  newly discovered vintage photos were added to the gallery as recently as October 2019, and updates to the ownership chain as recently as November 2020. Our research effort today extends well beyond this one car and now focuses on the companies and people involved in building it -- Shelby American, Ford Motor Company and A.O. Smith Plastics. In fact, we've founded the Shelby Research Group to continue to share all that we learn.

If you have knowledge, paperwork and/or photographs of this convertible or other Shelby American company cars, engineering vehicles and/or prototypes, we'd love to hear from you.

Technical / Research

Lowell Otter, Jason Billups, Greg Kolasa, Dave Mathews, Ed Meyer,
Pete Disher, Jeff Speegle, Chris Simon, Phil Murphy, Eric Johnson, Rick Plescia, Billy Dunbar, Wes Eisenschenk, and Ryan Brutt.

Literature, Photos & Reference Materials

Vince Liska, Lowell Otter, Greg Kolasa, Dave Mathews, Howard Pardee, Pete Disher, Vernon Estes, Donald Farr, Martyn Schorr, Rich Plescia, John Chun, Keith Schadoff, Jamie Ventrella, Richard Kot, Billy Dunbar and the Ford Archives.


Robert Carlson, Paul Kunysz, Lonnie Brannon, Charles McHose, Chuck Cantwell, Bill McLean, Don Pike, Jack Khoury, Peter Brock, 'Scooter' Patrick, Phil Remington,
Dennis Walsh, Bernie Kretzschmar, Bob Shaw, Diana Day, Susan Warne, Pam Rodgers and Austin Craig.


Jason & Scott Billups - Billups Classic Cars

Caretakers & Historians

Samantha & Brian Styles



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