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 1967 Shelby G.T. 500 Convertible


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Home » Factory Paperwork » Ionia Move Notes - Vehicles Remaining in California
Document: Ionia Move Notes - Vehicles Remaining in California
Source: Shelby American
Date: circa July 1967

This page specifically references nine vehicles:

  a 061 GT EXP Hardtop Auto CS / Carroll Shelby
  * 063 GT 500 Fastback 4-speed Cal Emissions -> US Govt.
  * 065 GTS 350 Fastback 4-speed California Emissions
  a 067 Mustang 390 1 Fastback Auto Sell?
  * 068 GT 500 Fastback Auto Fuel Injection
  a 070 GTS 350 Fastback Auto Sell
  * 073 GT 350 Fastback Auto California Emissions
    Gristmill 2 GT 350 Fastback 4-speed Cal Emissions -> US Govt.
  a Remaining in California
  * Shipped later [to Ionia, Michigan]

1. There were two (2) S-code 390 Mustang Fastbacks found on a July 31, 1967 dated Fixed Asset Ledger).

2. Gristmill is a term used to describe a battery of tests focused on putting continuous stress on a vehicle’s spindles, wheel bearings, wheels, lug nuts, etc. Vehicles are driven XX cycles (laps) around a tight radius (50’-60’) at approximately 25mph. It is considered one of the “key life tests” for a production vehicle. By cross-referencing a January 29, 1969 Shelby Automotive document, I believe that the vehicle referred to on this page as "Gristmill" is actually VIN #0522 and was later assigned Michigan Inventory Number 67ST110.

Note: It appears that a change was made to to this document after it was initially penned. Four cars were listed as being sent to the U.S. Govt. after California Emissions testing. 063, 073, 'Gristmill,' and another car that was blacked-out and changed to 071. It is my theory that based on the style of the way the number 5 was written other places on the page, ascending numerical sequence, and probability (four cars were itemized for California Emissions), I believe that car 065 was originally selected. 071 may have replaced 065 for two primary reasons: (a) this would make two GT350 and two GT500 vehicles rather than three GT350's and a single GT500, and (b) the change would have provided two automatics and two four speeds, rather than three and one. Since 071 was listed on the Ionia Move Notes - Disposal of Prototypes page, we can logically assume it would have been not been disposed of at that time.


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