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 1967 Shelby G.T. 500 Convertible


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Document: Domestic Special Order (DSO) #2512
Source: Ford Motor Company
Date: August 9, 1966


Like most of the DSOs placed prior to production starting at San Jose, the 1967 G.T. 500 Convertible (0139) was on its own dedicated order form.

The form was the same multi-part NCR form used to order every '65, '66 and '67 Shelby G.T. from Ford Motor Company. 

For a clearer & larger picture of what the Ford Special Order form looks like, open your 2011 SAAC World Registry 65-66-67 and turn to page 1325.

The following is a transcript of the typed and handwritten information taken from car #0139's Ford Special Order form (DSO 71-002512).

Gaining access to the orders on microfilm has provides great insight as to how the first '67 Shelby G.T. cars were ordered. Yes, parts were 'deleted' from the standard Mustang build, but not nearly as much details as would become the norm as the add/delete list process evolved.

This order was created before '67 Mustang production started at San Jose, so Gerald W. Nuznoff, the man responsible for the orders, would have modeled the order more closely the '66 Shelby cars and upon what he anticipated for the '67 cars.


The order (FSO/DSO) form is different than the engineering Ford Vehicle Order and Parts Specifications form (SVO&PS, aka "add/delete sheets").

The FSO is a landscape-oriented form #FD 6243.  The multi-page SVO&PS sheets were portrait oriented.


Form #FD 6243   Gen Sales - Jul. '64

Form Field Typed Value
District Los Angeles
Date Typed August 9, 1966
Date Dlr. Order Rec’d *blank*
For Add’l Info. Contact *blank*
Assembly Plant San Jose   “Metuchen”
Wire Inquiry No./Previous DSO No. *blank*
DSO No. (FSO No.) 71 002512
Dealer Name Shelby American, Inc.
Dealer Code 71-X-999
Customer Shelby American (413C Pkg.)
No. Units 1
State of Registration California
Series – Model Code Mustang (03)
Engine             RPO Special
Paint Color Ref. Fg. 6
Form 107 Date *blank*
Body Style Convertible (76A)
Cab *blank*
Trim Black (5A)
G.V.W. *blank*
Wheelbase 108.0
Main & Aux. Transmission – Mfg. Model No. Special See Below
Fan *blank*
Radiator *blank*
Clutch *blank*
Rear Axle – Cap. – Model & Ratio Special See Below
Front Axle – Cap. – Model No *blank*
Tires - Front Special See Below
Tires Rear (Single – Dual) Special See Below
Wheels           Rims *blank*
TBLS. *blank*
T & TUBE *blank*
S/Tire *blank*
Carrier *blank*
S/Wheel *blank*
Brakes - Service Parking *blank*
Power Steering *blank*
Frame – Sec. Mod. – P.S.I. *blank*
Air Conditioner Selectaire
"N.A. Subject to Test Results"
Front Spring – Cap. *blank*
Rear Spring Capacity *blank*
     Main *blank*
     Auxiliary *blank*
     Combined *blank*
     Tandem Rear Axle Suspension *blank*

  Other Optional Equipment:

Courtesy Light Group
AM Radio
Exhaust Emission     
«« circled
Tinted Glass
Fold Down Rear Seat
Interior Décor Group

Rear Axle Assembly                               
3.25:1 Ratio W/9.00 Ring Gear and 31 Spline Axle

Transmission, Automatic
C-6 W/Special Calibration and GTA Shift Pattern
Special "lockout" Shift Quadrant (Customer Supplied)

Engine, 8 Cyl. Ford Cobra                       9-29-66  E.J.
8V Carb. Auto. Trans. Exhaust Emission

Power Steering

Power Disc Brakes Assembly w/ Special Lining

Dual Exhaust System to exit below Rear Valence        Std.
Panel (Less Bright Chrome Exhaust Splitters)

Wheel, Steering – Standard (Black)                    Std.

Front Springs (Suspension) W/360 lb./in. Spring Rate

Rear Springs (Suspension W/135 lb./in. Spring Rate

Stabilizer Bar, Front (Suspension) W/.94 Diameter and Mtg. Hardw.

Shock Absorbers, Gabriel Adjustable

Install (5) S7MS-1007-A 15 x 7 Wheels
(Customer Supplied)

Install (20) Nuts, Wheel
(Customer Supplied)

Install (5) Tires-Special Goodyear E-70-15
(Customer Supplied)

C7ZB-16A052-B Export Bracing, Dash Panel Reinforcement
and Special Shock Absorber Bee Hives Plus Att. Parts

Instrument Cluster W/Br. Alu. Fin.,
8000 Tach, 140 Speedo.

C7ZA-9030-E Cap, Gas (Horse Type)

Delete Hood Assembly – Retain Hood Springs            Base

Delete Label Air Cleaner Assembly


Horn Ring, Cap [C7ZA-3056301-A]                       Base

Orn. Assy. Qtr. Outside Lower (R.H. & L.H.)

C7ZB-65290CC36-37 Various                 Not Req'd. (Convertible)

All Exterior Side Emblems and Rocker Panel        Base & 123
Moldings – do not drill holes for Emblem Deletions.

Orn. & Med. Assembly – Rad. Grill                     Base

Roof Console W/Overhead Map Lights         Not Req'd. (Mod. 76)
(From Interior Décor Group)                  


Red Paint

Special Order Supplement "(Change Notice)" documents were also part of the complete Ford record. The following supplements are associated with the early cars, including the convertible.
Received Date Sup'l # DSO(s) Affected Change
Sep.27, 1966 2 2510, 2511, 2512 (3)  
From: Front Spring Rate: 320 Lb
To: Front Spring Rate: 365 Lb
Sep.28, 1966 3 2501-2512 (12)  
Add: Attaching Parts For Shoulder Harness
Oct.10, 1966 4 2501-2512 (12)  
Remove from the Delete List the following components as these items are required for the vehicles:

C7ZB-6351726-A   Roof Moulding-R.H.
C7ZB-6351727-A   Roof Moulding-L.H.
C7ZB-63278B90-B  Drain Assembly-R.H.
C7ZB-63278B91-B  Drain Assembly-L.H.
C7ZB-63278C14-B  Hose
C7ZB-63278C54-A  Baffle-Qtr. Vent-R.H.
C7ZB-63278C55-A  Baffle-Qtr. Vent-L.H.

Add the following parts to the vehicle:

C7ZA-63278C26-A  Vent Assembly-R.H.
C7ZA-63278C27-A  Vent Assembly-L.H.


Four key dates are found on the convertible's DSO, including:

  • Date Typed: August 9, 1966
  • Order Accepted:  August 11, 1966
  • Received [Stamp]: August 12, 1966
  • Special Vehicle Dept sign-off: September 29, 1966


  • This car's DSO itemized the black Luxury Knitted Vinyl bucket seat (5A) trim, however, the Ford Record indicates this car received smooth black vinyl (6A). We strongly believe that this was due to the comfort weave material not yet being available when production commenced. The SRG has a topic on this.
  • Why was this (and 7 other cars) almost built in Metuchen rather than San Jose? The SRG has a topic on this.
  • Beginning with DSO 2513, the deck lid (trunk) was added to the list of "deleted" items.

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