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 1967 Shelby G.T. 500 Convertible


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Home Factory Paperwork Ionia Move Notes - Jobs Yet to be Completed in California
Document: Ionia Move Notes - Jobs Yet to be Completed in California
Source: Shelby American, Inc.
Date: circa July 1967

The earliest date found on the document is August 8th, 1967, and therefore believe this document to have been authored in June/July. The Convertible (0139) is referenced on page 2, section 4:

4. Updating of Convertible & Fastback '68 Proto's

  1. Awaiting seats & inside trim for installation in both (VanAkin - Hansen)

  2. Awaiting prototype convertible roll bar (due August 14)

  3. Awaiting correct Gas tank filler metal decal for installation on gas tank filler & wheel covers (Nuznoff)

  4. Awaiting fender-side Ornaments & glove box ornaments (LeVoie)

  5. Top boot to be modified locally by trim shop (due August 10)

  6. Inside trim panels to be vinyl covered locally



"Nuznoff" is a reference to G. W. "Gerry" Nuznoff, the purchasing manager at Shelby.  "Sunny" (spelled incorrectly) is a reference to Sonny Fee, the manager of the paint shop at Shelby. "LeVoie" (spelled incorrectly) is a reference to P. LaVoie. "Van Aiken" (spelled incorrectly) is a reference to Ken VanAkin, the Senior Buyer in the Purchasing Department at Ford Motor Company.

The "convertible and fastback '68 protos," is a reference to the two '67 model year cars that were disguised for photographic purposes (A.K.A. "68 photographic cars"). Their California inventory numbers are 062 and 064/074, respectively. See the company car cross-reference page for more information.

In this document, "Little Red" is referenced only by name and not by its inventory number of 061. "Little Red" was Fred Goodell's nickname for the one-off Shelby G.T. 500 coupe (VIN 0131), which leads us to believe that he may have been the author of these handwritten pages.

Note: inventory numbers are not the same as serial numbers (VINs). This page explains the numbers and includes a table that allows us to link inventory numbers, serial numbers, and engineering numbers to the correct vehicles.
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