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 1967 Shelby G.T. 500 Convertible


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Home Factory Paperwork Ionia Move Notes - Jobs Yet to be Completed in California
Document: Ionia Move Notes - Jobs Yet to be Completed in California
Source: Shelby American, Inc.
Date: circa July 1967

The earliest date found on the document is August 8th, 1967, and therefore believe this document to have been authored in late July. Item 4 relates primarily to the GT500 Convertible (0139) advertising car. Item 5 relates to the GT500 Coupe (0131)  Items 4 & 7B relate to the GT500 Fastback (0463) advertising car.

4. Updating of Convertible & Fastback '68 Proto's

  1. Awaiting seats & inside trim for installation in both (VanAkin - Hansen)

  2. Awaiting prototype convertible roll bar (due August 14)

  3. Awaiting correct Gas tank filler metal decal for installation on gas tank filler & wheel covers (Nuznoff)

  4. Awaiting fender-side Ornaments & glove box ornaments (LeVoie)

  5. Top boot to be modified locally by trim shop (due August 10)

  6. Inside trim panels to be vinyl covered locally



"Nuznoff" is a reference to G. W. "Gerry" Nuznoff, the purchasing manager at Shelby.  "Sunny" (spelled incorrectly) is a reference to Sonny Fee, the manager of the paint shop at Shelby. "LeVoie" (spelled incorrectly) is a reference to P. LaVoie. "Van Aiken" (spelled incorrectly) is a reference to Ken VanAkin, the Senior Buyer in the Purchasing Department at Ford Motor Company.

The "convertible and fastback '68 protos," is a reference to the two '67 model year cars that were updated/disguised for advertising purposes (a/k/a/ "68 photographic cars"). Convertible VIN 0139, Fastback VIN 0463. Their California inventory numbers are 062 and 064/074, respectively.

In this document, "Little Red" is referenced only by name and not by its VIN 0131 or inventory number 061. "Little Red" was Fred Goodell's nickname for the one-off Shelby G.T. 500 coupe,  which leads us to believe that he may have been the author of these handwritten pages.

Note: inventory numbers are not the same as serial numbers (VINs). This page explains the numbers and includes a table that allows us to link inventory numbers, serial numbers, and engineering numbers to the correct vehicles.
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