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 1967 Shelby G.T. 500 Convertible


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Home Factory Paperwork Staff Meeting Minutes from June 7, 1966
Document: Staff Meeting Minutes
Source: Shelby American, Inc.
Date: June 7, 1966

The paragraph relevant to our research is in the first section titled GT 350 Sales and Production:

"Four experimental convertibles are being run through the shop at the present time.  One of these units is sold and the other three will be used for test purposes in anticipation of a 1967 1/2 GT 350 convertible."

Meeting attendees: J.D. McLean, P.A. Cramer, A.H. Dowd, T.H. Foraker, B.S. Galloway, J.S. Liefeld, P.T. Remington, J.L. Spencer, D.A. Cardone (guest). [Jack E. Khoury was absent].


This document taught us that the four (4) 1966 Convertibles, originally ordered on April 13, 1966 and received the day before this staff meeting took place, were referred to as "experimental," and that Shelby intended to offer a 1967-1/2 G.T. convertible model.

According to Bill MClean (interviewed Nov-22, 2016), the engineering department was concerned that the Hi-Po Shelby powerplant might twist the convertible's body.  To stress-test at least one car, they bolted-on a Paxton supercharger. Bill recalls the convertible was most likely the blue or green one.

The convertible that this document claims was pre-sold, would have been the red one (SFM6S2377) ordered by repeat customer Bob Shane of the Kingston Trio.

This document also compliments our previous research findings that package codes and VINs were very specifically created to allow for the designation of three different body styles (fastback, convertible and coupe) and two different engine options for the 1967 model year Shelby G.T. cars.

According to DSO 2512, the first 1967 G.T. convertible (and ultimately the only one that would get built) was ordered two months after this staff meeting took place.

See Also: Shelby Package Codes, DSO 2512



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